Travel Concept

We love to travel and would like to show the World to our children. We love to spend time in nature, learn about other contries and cultures and meet new friends. We tent to go to places where tourists do not come, and it is magic for us when we meet locals and learn more about their daily life.


We are on the way to Mongolia, but we might not necessary reach Mongolia as we are trying to take as many detours and missed turns as possible on our way. We travel slow and if we like a place we stay and if not we move on. However, so fare we have mainly found places we love, so sometimes it can be a bit difficult for us to move on. 


We do not have a concept as such, but we tent to have focus on: 


  • Living a more simpel life 
  • Let the small things and experiences become the big feelings 
  • See Mother Natures beauty and go wild camping as much as possible


We are a non-commercial and non-sponsered traveling family. We just love to share great stories and to meet people.


We wants to tell positive stories about our travels and through that inspire other. In our opinion there is too many negative news about what is going on in the world. We believe these news are creating too much distance and wrong impressions about contries and people. We want to do the opposite. Also, we meet so many nice and friendly people everywhere, so it would be very difficult for us not to tell good stories.