Spare Parts

According to the law of Murphy…“what you do not bring of spareparts – that part will break down”. So we brought a lot of spareparts with us – to avoid too problematic breakdowns. It is also because a lack of user experience that we bring maybe a little too much spareparts.


Having a breakdown for 1 or 2 weeks is normally not a problem when you are on a long term overlanding trip. You are not in a hurry, so you can wait for spareparts to get shipped world wide. I think, for our next overlander trip, we will bring less spareparts. 


However, I am sure we will be popular on this trip if we meet another fellow Land Rover overlander owner with a break down – and in big need for a sparepart:) 🙂




  • Alternator
  • Pads
  • Break show & Lining kit
  • Universal joints
  • Cylinder clutch sla
  • Clutch Master & Slave cylinders
  • Water pump
  • Stering & Suspension
  • Bearing-Hub x 2
  • Universal Joint x 2
  • Hub seal x 2
  • Joint Ball
  • Switch ignition
  • Switch light
  • Switch Indicator Dip Horn
  • Switch Assy w/wipe
  • Wiper blad x 4
  • Alternator Assy
  • Fuel Filter
  • Service kit (oliefilter, fuelfilter, rotor, luftfilter) x 2
  • Gasket – Fuel Tank Sensor
  • Contact kit 135384
  • Contact kit 131831
  • 3VRS 1212 NCS100790 42755A?
  • Light bulbs: H4, P21W, P21/5W, PY21W, W5W, Fuse 10A.
  • “Plonger”


We also have a complete set of “liquids” for the car/engine, but I think for next time I will bring less and take the “chance”.



  • Axle/Transfære 75w-90- gearolie/axle x 10pc 1L
  • Engine olie 5w-40 x 10pc 1L
  • Transmission olie Rover 94 x 6pc 1L
  • Coolant x 2pc 1L
  • Servo CHF 11s x 1L
  • Break fluid DOT 4 x 2pc a 250ml
  • Anti-rust lubricating oile 1 spray canister
  • Lubricating grease uniway lix 62 X 1 tube
  • Liquid grease, joints x 2 bags