As a test trip, we travelled around Europe last sommer (2019) for three monts. On this trips, we realized how important it was with good entertainment for the children in the car while driving. On that trip, we (the parents) were a bit naive and imagine how cosy it could be driving in beautiful areas enjoying the nature… but reality was very different. Our children did not share our fascination – at least not when we had to drive for more than 1-2 hours. 


On that trip with bought different toys for the car and one iPad with different games on. Now, we upgraded big time, so both children have a iPad with games on and they have a computer with DVD movies in addition to different toys. It works a lot better for us. We can also play music and listen to stories, but at the moment our children prefer the DVD movies. 


We often stop with playgrounds, while driving in other to give the kids a break. We also go to supermarkeds which is also good entertainment for them. 


Along with us, we have two bokses with toys mainly lego and magnets. These bokses come out at camp spots, where our children either play outside on a blanket or the roof top tent is made into a playroom on days with bad weather.