Tips For Perfect Camping

The central things we look for when finding a great camp stop is flat ground in a peaceful nature area.

When coming to a potential camp area I often go a bit around to evaluate the options and find the “sweet” spot, where we have natural cover for the wind, great view, sunset, privacy, clean, etc. Especially, the wind is important to take into consideration – as we are sleeping in rooftop tent. So I walk to the spot and stand a bit and feel if there is a good cover from the wind before driving in and setting up camp.

If we have internet connections I do get the local weather forecast – also so we do not choose a spot along the coast when there is a hard wind direct into the land. 

Good factors to consider:

  • Flat and turning options – with a trailer
  • Peaceful and privacy – want to avoid noice from traffic, cities, bars, humans, etc.
  • Wind direction and natural cover – like trees, bushes, rocks, hills, etc. 
  • The view, the sunset and in a wild nature area
  • Clean area – no garbage
  • Stealth – so setting up camp so we are not so visible and try to fall natural into the landscape if possible or needed.
  • Access to resources – like firewood, water, fishing, etc.

And as a final “touch” we use some smaller plastic “ramps” to put under the tires in order for the final levelling of the trailer and tent position.