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2 years ago

The car is working - and I am totally broke....emotionally!!!!
The very nice and decent mechanic Ludwig has been helping and taking care of us beyond the limits, working a lot in order getting the Defender working - and his bill did NOT reflect all the valuable work he did...he charged for only 1 hour!!!! I opposed a lot, wanted him to write down all the hours he used, but I did not get a chance, his wife Vanessa also told me that they wanted no more money. I got tears in my eyes, because it was a such big overwelming unespected gesture from them, and a part inside of me has ofcause been worried about many things with the car.
Then I drove “home” crying in the car, and on the way stopped for a local young man (Elwis), and drove on a 20km detour in order to get him home as his Scooter was broke and at the workshop some days, so he had to hitchhike.
At “home” at the countryhouse we were already invited over to Danielle and Jean-Luc for dinner, and they had also insisted not getting paid for their country house for the ekstra days we had to stay there since monday!!! They have treated us so warmly and spoiling us, giving us all so many nice memories, experiences, etc. All my words here are just so poor - compare to all their sincere kindness. We feel that tomorrow morning, we will leave from a part of our family, when we will drive away😢
To night I am laying in my bed, while still having tears in my eyes (not something I am doing at all normally) - but tears because recieving so much overweling help, kindness and love - from people that I should be strangers to!
Night night😌
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Great experience and the kindness of ordinary people

Beautiful words... so many wonderful, caring people overlanders meet along the way 👍🏼

A wonderful story and life lesson. Now "pay it forward".

And people are afraid to travel because they might get robbed.

This is French hospitality at its best. There are many wonderful people in the world and you met some real pearls. I am not surprised. Bises à tout le monde.

Yes we met so many Good Samaritans on our journey through Africa. It’s only been two months since we left Africa after our 12 month trip and already I want to go back.😩

The magic of traveling with a pure and humble heart. It makes you realize that regardless of all difficulties there is so much love and kindness in the world. The kindness of strangers made me a more giving, trusting and open person for sure.

❤️🥇 Super flot behandling.

The World is a wonderfull place ❤️

I am so happy to hear that from people coming from my country! 😀 Unfortunately lot of people here become less and less friendly.

Ønsker jer al held og lykke på jeres videre rejse. Så fin beskrivelse af en smuk oplevelse, det er overvældende 🙏

Wonderfull testamony to human kindness Godspeed

You get what you give. Bon voyage.


Thank you very mutch

Husk at man heller ikke skal undervurderer gaven i at få lov til at give 😉 Kærlighed og god karma smitter bare giv løs det kommer tilbage 💕

God is blessing you and your family abundantly through the kind people you are meeting - Hallelujah!

When traveling you meet all the kindness you didn’t know the world had. It’s amazing 🤩🤩 Safe journey. 🙏

I am so overwhelmed with your experience there are so many awesome people still on this world I am sure that you have yourself helped many people so this is your blessing your reward for what you have done for others

We do not realise the goodness of peoples heart until we travel and explore our planet

You have to write a book, love your story. Have a safe trip.

Amazing, amazing 🙂😥🙏

how lovey 🙂 remember to pass it on

As I have said before there are still some kind people in this world & you & your family have been lucky enough to find some of them, you must be lovely people yourselves. Have a safe onward journey. 👍😉

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1 week ago

We have now our trailer “Pallepingvin” displayed at the famous Egeskov Castle that have just constructed the biggest Outdoor Camping Museum in Europe - the museum will open 1 May 2021🤗 ... See MoreSee Less

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When do you plan on going travelling again?

Super spændende attraktion inspirerende og hyggeligt

That’s a great storage option during the downtime 😁

Brilliant enjoy 😉

Thats the coolest thing ever

Bjørn Lindhardt Wils Det var tidligt at du kom på museum😨🤔

Ej hvor sejt!


Awesome - love the authenticity with your washing hanging on the line

Det må vi ned og se👍

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2 years ago

We are a family from Denmark, that want to go overlanding in a Defender for two years. First we go around Europe, then later towards Mongolia and some more places. Our names are Dorthe and Bjørn, then our dauther Ingeborg that is 1 year old and our son Vilmer that is 3 years old.
We will as a family hunt for adventures and travels in mother nature all around the World.
Our goal is to serve inspiration for other families that having smaller kids and seeking out adventures and traveling is not impossible. Furthermore another goal is to get the most of being a family - by having much more time together
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Will be wonderful. We did PanAm trip for 1 year with 3 teenage kids

Fantastic way to live life and raise kids, memories for life

I want to do this with my family. Maybe not quite as long 🙂 enjoy the adventure!

Very interesting adventure! Thanks for inviting us along. ❤️💙💚💜🧡

Say of you drop by Belgium 🇧🇪 would be nice to meet up

Daughter... be an inspiration to other families...Happy trails

If u r in Holland , let us know

What an adventure... we met you whilst we had 6 months off in South America.. look forward to “joining “ you in your trip through your posts ... good luck .. Jon , nadia and stella ( Australia) ⛵️

Tak for invitationen😁

Looking forward to following your travels, do you have a You Tube Channel also?

Thank YOU for adding me to your group 😃 I Will love to follow your Lovely family om this amasing trip 👍

Hej Bjørn 🙂 må man spørge hvor meget jeres fulde setup har kostet?

Hej Bjørn. I kan finde mange åbne døre på global ecovillage network

Tak fordi jeg må følge jer♥️👏👏

This is awesome what your doing with your family! Wish I had the money and the time to do this while my children where growing up Instead of working swing shift in a steel mill hats off to your family for taking the chances of exploring the world Your family will cherish these memories forever

Thank you for adding me to your group. You and your lovely family are definitely living my dream <3

Thanks for adding me to your group. I love to follow people doing this type of travel adventure. I have traveled the world for 50 years but never like this and am slowing down now. Your family, as well as the English couple on a motorcycle who I'm following around the world keep me inspired!

I just accidentally came upon you on another group and now I’m truly enjoying all your adventures through your amazing pics!

I har den rette indstilling det er med at få noget ud af livet mens vi har det, og håber andre bliver inspireret af det, selv elsker jeg også at være på farten og har overnattet udendørs i næsten alle lande i Vesteuropa, men kommer dog ikke udenlands iår da jeg har en del jeg skal have på plads herhjemme

Er dog nødt til at holde mig til Europa da jeg ikke tager ud uden min hund og min skrupskøre høne

Wow that is a great project... Due to my work I'm in germany with the family and I'm starting to set up my land cruiser in order to travel around Europe and next year in Island. Can I ask about the roof top tent that you are using and also if you can suggest where to buy some overlanding items?

Tak for medlemskab, vi glæder os til at følge jeres oplevelser😊

Glæder mig til at følge jer! 😊

Hej Bjørn, jeg har sendt dig en privat besked.

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