Cabin Heater

We have installed a cabin heater (Webasto 2k) inside our Defender under the center seats and outside we have a customized lid and connector made, so we can attach a pipe and transport the heat over to the tent on the trailer. We can also choose lead heat out in the cabin, and most of the time we use that spot in the car to dry clothes – and for some reason while traveling with kids we end up with a lot of wet clothes.




Heat in the tent, is not only to give us extra comfort when we are in tent, but also a good way to dry the tent and steam up before packing it together – and you need that especially if you go camping for autumn and winter in Europe with many days of rain.


We have a timer in the car, so we can code it to turn off the heat when we are sleeping and start again in the morning and warming up the tent – before we “pupae” out from our sleeping bags. 


On night we had it running all night – while camping in Austria in 2150 meter altitude in -14 degrees. Here, the pipe from the car to the tent was insulated a little extra with towels and blankets, so we would not loose too much heat in the transport outside.


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