On our Europe trip while overlanding only in our Defender we all slept in a rooftop tent on the car, and it was only 140×120/240 (unfold/fold out) cm. We could all fit there by the use of “spooning” techniques. This was our first tent. 


However, when we got the trailer, we also got a bigger tent so now we have the luxury of 180×140/240 (unfold/fold out) cm. This is our second and present tent. 




  • Seems strong and in good quality
  • Good space for a family of four
  • Easy and fast to set up and take down




  • Expensive
  • Noisy in wind
  • Not poper mosquito-proofed
  • Fragile alu-bars for annex


We love sleeping in tents and we will never go away from that – it is so nice to be sleeping the whole family together.